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Meritorious students


President's Message


It is a matter of great pleasure and honour for all the members of the management, Principal, staff and students who have strived hard with their dedicated efforts and maintain the record by showing excellent performance in the field of education right from the year of inception of this institution. I am very happy and thankful to almighty

God for giving me the chance for the enhancement of the status of the community in all walks of life through educational advancement followed with commitment and missionary zeal. This is evident from the results that our students are recording every year by scoring about 70 to 80 % of top positions consistently amongst all BEd. colleges presently imparting training to the students.

Our institution has established an identity of its own in the field of spreading literacy and education not only in this state but also in the neighbouring states as well. All this has been achieved due to earnest and sincere efforts of the teaching faculty who work very hard in maintaining the strict discipline and providing quality education.

Principal's Message



With the blessings of Almighty God and supportive role of Management, we are able to translate our ideas into actions, leading to realisation of our objectives with enlightened, competent and motivated work force going ahead with the positive work culture and cordiality in the interpersonal relationship based on mutual respect and good will.

During the last decade significant developments have taken place in the educational system especially in the field of school education. To improve the quality of school education, it is imperative to bring a needed change in the quality of teacher education. Therefore, valuable effective teaching learning experiences are to be provided to teacher trainees.

The need of the hour is to produce teachers who are motivated enough to follow the right path, who are conscious of their duty, who believe in excellence and develop the attitude of professional honesty by teaching with devotion. This institution has always followed the path shown and guided by the teachings of  Sri Guru Granth Sahib which gives us the message of Universal brotherhood and service to humanity, especially for the down trodden and needy ones.

In the end I would like to say "One never loses anything but always gains profusely even in the process of giving"

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